Jon Lord in Zermatt © Christian Dueblin
Jon Lord in Zermatt
Christian Dueblin)

The power of music can really make you realize how quickly time flies. It has been 50 years since the legendary Rock group Deep Purple launched the classic hit song “Smoke On The Water” – it was a monster hit that still enjoys cult status.
Both Jon Lord and the famed singer Chi Coltrane talked often in many conversations with about Rock music and this song.
At that time – some ten years ago – apparently, someone had told Jon Lord, who the person was who had ignited the flare in Montreux, that resulted in the massive fire – in veritable “smoke on the water” there on Lake Geneva.
Jon Lord was a grand seigneur, a true gentleman, a rock genius, and a genuine raconteur. In his interview with us, he also spoke of his love for Zermatt, where he lived for a long time and met and consorted with some of the best avant-garde musicians on the planet.

Click here to read the whole interview with Jon Lord, from 2009.

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